Lizi Budaghashvili


“I think there is some emotion that is always in abundance in me, and the rest of it that I can no longer bear forces me (in a good sense) to paint and create a kind of dwelling for my memories. I feel a certain responsibility not to waste this differently hued energy that swirls inside me and waits for release. The biggest task I set for myself while drawing is sincerity. The emotional sincerity, first and foremost, and no fear of completely exposing myself. Consequently, what I enjoy the most is when the viewer draws an emotional parallel with his or her life and finds something in common in this regard. I often think I would burst or get petrified if I could not paint.”


"Sunday Morning", 70x50 cm, oil on canvas., 2021

"Untitled", 86x70 cm, oil on canvas., 2021

"Find me", 110x80 cm, oil on canvas., 2021

"Metrocard News", 80x60 cm, canvas, mixed media., 2020

"The last year of adolescence", 200x110 cm, canvas, mixed media., 2019

Professional education / experience

Arts Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics, Easel Graphics Workshop; Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida, Fine Arts, Arts and Business