Digital Exhibition Week of Women Artists, 2022

A platform for professional, amateur and student artist women

The priority of this year’s exhibition is decorative arts: artistic ceramics, textiles (batik, felt, rug, quilt, patchwork, applique, embroidery), authored dolls. For participation in the digital exhibition you need:
  • To complete each item on the registration form
  • Write a short text about yourself. Preferably, in an essay form
  • Photos of the work(s) (maximum 5) (make sure the photos are of high quality)
*** Souvenir and replica works will not be considered in the competition


Personal Information
Detailed Information

To participate in the exhibition, you must upload at least 3 (three) works. All works must have a description of what was the source of inspiration, emotion, search object if any (up to 600 characters). Submitted works must be in your possession.

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