Ana Chakhvadze


“I am a painter. I have had synesthesia since childhood. This means that I saw music, numbers, words and emotions in colors. Even people! This skill is of special importance to me because I am graduating from medical university this year. I am going to be a doctor, a psychiatrist.

Two years ago I went to one of the psycho-social centers. As a future psychiatrist I took my first steps there. I remember talking to the beneficiaries, mostly with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, about art as well. I also taught a bit of drawing: drawing shapes, mixing oil paints, and brush stroke techniques. Finally, for New Year, we even organized an exhibition and had fun together. They were very talented and eager. They were so happy! It was a kind of therapy for me too: I helped them to express themselves, and they helped me to study the depths of a person.

This is the driving force of my creativity and activities – a cognition, of myself or someone else, a human like me. To see this inner cosmic world, to discover connections and most importantly infinite love and freedom… I do not know what else to say, my works will speak for me.”




“Freedom and Love in Dance”, 100x80სმ, canvas, mixed, media, 2021