Ana Gabriadze


“I started making dolls by mistake because I wanted a unique Christmas tree.” Instead of Christmas decorations, dolls were presented. The clowns were first, followed by the ladies, hunters, donkeys, the clown, the king-queen, the dolls gathered in the royal hideout, the baker, the prince and princess, the cook, and the royal gatekeepers. Somewhere, our era’s heroes – Tbilisi residents – also appeared… Finally, the main character – a drunken poet dreaming about all of this – was created. The dolls are very small and live on a two-tiered shelf, with the heroes of our time at the top and the royal court at the bottom. The museum received 45 dolls.”


"Talking friends", 40 cm, polymer clay, 2012

"Barbarian with a mirror", 50 cm, plasticine, 2017

"Magician Duke", 30 cm, polymer clay, 2010

Professional education / experience

TSS Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting