Ana Gabriadze


“What does my portrait as an artist consist of? Where does the artist’s creativity come from? I think from my childhood, from the city of memories… On rainy days, my mother would take me the ‘Blue’ gallery. Once, I came across a group exhibition of sculpture. The works of Georgian sculptors (including Iakob Nikoladze) were exhibited. The next day, I asked my mother to take me to the exhibition again, I took my plasticine sculpture and silently placed it near the big statue. This was my first ‘exhibition’… I wondered, if anyone noticed my ‘work’?!”


"Blue still life with grapes", 50x47 cm, oil on canvas., 2020

"Flowers", 78x57 cm, paper, mixed media., 2019

"Still life with plums", 29.5x39 cm, oil on canvas., 2020

"Autumn", 50x70 cm, paper. Pastel, 2015

"Dolls with orange", 65x45 cm, oil on canvas., 2010

Professional education / experience

I. Nikoladze Art School; Art Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting