Ana Japaridze


“At first I was and the world revolved around me, then I learned to observe and found that everyone had the same attitude towards the world, and I saw people. People were the same back then, so I grew up and studied to be like them.
Then everything changed; it became cold, the sun no longer seemed to warm me, and I thought. The thought was followed by a lengthy search for work and work experience. Today, I am a ceramics designer, and ceramics is my medium of expression.”


"Object Vase", 9x9 cm, Shamot, 2008

"Flower", 20x13x15 cm, stone mass, 2008

"Gobi", 27x16 cm, stone mass, 2009

"Object LZ", 13x19 cm, red clay, 2011

"Dream 1", 20x20 cm, red clay, 2017

Professional education / experience

Art Academy, Faculty of Design, Department of Art Ceramics; Rome State Academy of Arts;