Ana Kalatozishvili

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She founded and heads the “Professional School of Theatrical Costumes and Accessories” and teaches at V. Chabukiani Tbilisi State Choreographic School.
Up to 40 set and costume designers, and 8 film directors, held 15 solos and up to 15 group exhibitions. Georgian theatrical
Repeatedly received the award “Best Artist of the Year” at festivals.


1. „Eastern Market“, 35x108cm, canvas, fabric, acryl paint, pigment

„Iris“, 93x58cm, canvas, fabric, acrl paint, pigment

„Port“, 48x132, canvas, fabric, acryl paint, pigment

„Women“, 94x97cm, canvas, fabric, acryl paint, pigment

Professional education / experience

TSS Academy, Vienna University of Applied Arts, Department of Scenography and Video Arts
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