Asmat Gogatishvili


“Well! I will tell about myself, I will draw, or rather I will write around 400 words of my own portrait without a biography, but in its depiction the latter is still important, because the biography (especially if we look at it from the point of naturalistic philosophy), hereditary roots, environmental and other factors are directly related in forming the unknown and hidden qualities in a person, in creating the individual collection of qualities that differentiate and distinguish one’s portrait from others.


It is not easy to talk about a portrait without physical characteristics and write a “text portrait” with the inevitable self-portraitness.


The main object of the portrait in art is a human who replaced the medieval God during the Renaissance and stood at the center of the universe. Although in the modern world he still feels like the hero of an ancient epic and is often shrouded in fog, he still saves himself from a fog thanks to his own intentions and actions and not in the hope of the help from the gods and goddesses of Olympus.


My portrait is of a person who is constantly in the creative process and for whom art is an opportunity to seek beauty, a beauty that is so abundant around us. As Charles Baudelaire found the seeds of goodness and beauty in “the Flowers of Evil”, as Guram Dochanashvili uncovered the beginning of love in a seemingly ugly thorny cactus… I too can’t ignore the little miracles scattered around the world. The route to finding them makes me travel in my own soul as well. Overcoming each new challenge is a test of one’s own abilities.


My portrait is of a person for whom the greatest artist is the creator of the universe; the one, who is happy to be part of this priceless, boundless canvas and to be able to create and color its macro model in the modern world with his little brush.


My portrait is of a person for whom there are three times in the world and so I was, I am and but I will be better.


In parallel with my profession, I turned photography, applied-decorative art and painting into an opportunity for creative enjoyment, therapy and development, and, consequently, I have gained a lot of experience in this field.”




“Four Seasons of a Year”, 75X32cm, gouache on paper, 2020