Diana Niqabadze


“I have been interested in art since my childhood. This is an area where I feel comfortable and at ease. I have a great desire to develop and master the artistry professionally.

It was very important for me to participate in the University Art Week – I gained a lot of experience and great emotions, which was unimaginable for me as an amateur artist.

As for my attitude towards my paintings, it’s a bit strange as I’m so emotionally attached to them, I cannot sell or give away any of them, I cannot alienate them. It is probably impossible to repeat the same emotion or repaint my own work, just as no emotion can be repeated in exactly the same way as it was felt for the first time. I should definitely mention the contribution of my friends as well. It was them who pushed me to take part in the exhibitions, which made me grow more and gave me and my paintings great joy. As always, the first steps are difficult. Especially for an amateur artist. It is for their merit that I am more courageous today and as a sign of my gratitude I try to give back to them my own achievements.”




“Where they are Waiting for You”, 74x104 cm, paper, mixed media, 2014