Elene Malashevski-Jakeli


“There are two waves in me that constantly collide with each other. On one
side, there is the rational part tryiing to connect as many points as possible
with each other. On the other side – the emotional self that runs on the hills.
These two, resonate differently with external and internal events, but they still
My characters do not visually resemble the creatures we may encounter on a
daily basis. However, based on real experiences, sometimes they represent the
magical impressions, sometimes a protest, critical ideas and views that are
formed in my consciousness as a result of my reckoning and interaction with
the everyday world.”


"Industrial", 210x148cm, ink on paper, 2020

"Pre-elections", 210x148cm, ink on paper, 2020

"They feast on the deceased", 210x148cm, ink on paper, 2020

“In ancient Greece ‘idiot/Ιδιώτης’ was a man who would only deal with his personal affairs and not the political affairs of his country.”, 210x148cm, paper, mixed media, 2020

"City Master Plan", 210x148სმ, paper, mixed media, 2020

Professional education / experience

School of Art, Center for Contemporary Art (CCA)