Elene Turashvili


“I am ‘MiniaTura’, an artist-designer from Tbilisi. From childhood I was carried away by arts and crafts. I tried myself in a number of painting techniques until I discovered the so-called line art style painting. Since then I have been using this technique in my works and trying to convey my message with a simple outline. I’m MiniaTura and my pictures are called the MiniaTurs. Consequently, the MiniaTurs moved from paper to wall, and currently, one might encounter my paintings on the walls of Tbilisi as well. I’m a portrait artist and the MiniaTurs are mostly portraits or human figures, I rarely use other objects. I am a designer by profession, I create handmade jewelry and decorations. I try to use my abilities correctly and give a big boost to my imagination, I also try myself in different fields of art. I have tried writing, photography, video art, body art, land art, stencil technique, graphics, Photoshop at the amateur level and now I plan to study dance as well. I love using body language to express emotions. At this point I am employed as an artist at a children’s entertainment center. I set the mood for little ones.”


"Everyone looks at life through his glasses", 29x21 cm, ink on paper, 2019

"Wind", 29x21 cm, ink on paper, 2020

"Key", 29x21 cm, ink on paper, 2020

"Noisy silence", 21x15 cm, ink on paper, 2019

"Corona", 21x29 cm, ink on paper, 2019

Professional education / experience

Art Academy, Faculty of Design, Art Glass