Gaiane (Dodo) Balarjishvili

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“I have graduated German language but I have several hobbies – I love flowers, plants, making brooches and frames, embroidery, patchwork. A recent hobby is an application for quilts and textiles. In general, I think that every person should try to beautify the environment.
And then “Beauty will save the world”! Definitely … “


"Birds of Paradise", 130x85 cm, fabric, application, 2010

"Apples of Paradise", 60x33 cm, fabric, application, 2010

"Camels", 33x49 cm, fabric, application, 2010

"Mexican motifs", 100x70 cm, fabric, application, 2012

"Bird Ibis and Flowers", 45x65 cm, fabric, application, 2017

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