Humay Abdullayeva


„After graduating from the academy, I became interested in the art of ceramics, and after coming in contact with clay, realised that this is what I want to do. I realised that it was very close to my heart and I wanted to dedicate my life to it.” Working side by side with prominent ceramic artists and sculptors while studying at the Academy of Arts, aroused even greater interest in the art of ceramics. By creating her brand, I wanted to combine art with the things we use in everyday life.
Sometimes I receive unusual orders. These include hand and face washers, specially designed chandeliers, special decor items, etc. I work with special excitement and interest on these orders, as each of them is individual and unique. The outcome of the work does not depend on her alone. Several factors play role in the process. Most importantly, clay and its types, the juice and pigments it uses have a great impact on the result obtained.
I has participated in several international symposiums and has worked on conceptual ceramic sculptures. My projects include a symposium on landscape ceramics in Moscow, the Transcultural ART LAB in Germany, and the first Shaki symposium on international ceramics.”


„უსათაურო“, 60სმ, შამოტი, კობალტის ჟანგი, დამჟანგავი გამოწვა, 2017

„ობიექტი“, 50სმ, შამოტი, მეტალის ჟანგები, 2017

„აჯანყება“, 120სმ, შამოტი, ჭიქური, 2017

„ფორმა“, 80სმ, შამოტი, ჭიქური, ჟანგი, წერნაქი, 2019

Professional education / experience

აზერბაიჯანის სახელმწიფო სამხატვრო აკადემია