Inga Gurgenidze


“Art inspired me to get to know myself and the world around me. My source of inspiration is the people around me, their moods and feelings, music, nature, literature, movies…

I have been told many times that I notice details that others cannot see.

Art is tangible to me as an integral part of life. Any of my work is an expression of sincere emotion and boundless love.

Sometimes it seems to me that I am creating an imaginary, magical, fairy-tale world!

The most interesting part of painting for me is the process itself! Textures, color combinations, new ideas are ways to express my thoughts, they are my helpers, inspirers, friends.

Oil paints are my favorite because of their limitless capabilities..

Sometimes I think I am just an observer of a process where subjects or objects are born on the canvas.

I am often surprised by the result! And if my works resonate in the heart of the audience and inspire them, that means that my energy, as of an artist, will come back to me transformed!”




“Expectation”, 37x30 cm, oil on paper, 2020