Irma Chavchavadze-Komsiani


“To love a person is a necessary prerequisite for the great harmony that every person is looking for! But this is hard to achieve if the human soul and inner world are empty. It is impossible to consider any harmony here…

It is necessary for a person to strive for that great love, to find the strength and desire for it, which the Lord has granted with almost everybody! I think every person should strive to get to know their own self, to find, to feel the world, to think about the future but to not forget the past that drives us! I love people, friends, family… Every dawn, the twilight of the sun, the shadow falling from leaf to leaf. Are not all seasons of nature a miracle?! This is a harmony and together we create this harmony! I do not like to create illusions, neither for myself nor for anyone else! Being a little pessimistic, a little optimistic and mainly realistic – I perceive this world realistically and I transfer this reality to canvas. I have been drawing since childhood, but the twists of time made me break my link with this activity. Nevertheless, I start reckoning about painting with more energy and a stronger sense, which fills me up, makes me think, and leads me to a higher level of beauty!

If a person uncovers a talent and an ability in him/herself, he/she should develop it and never stop! One might never have any recognition, however, the striving for something new, for goodness, for love is more than that, because talent, in itself, is already a great happiness, both for a person and those around!”


“Old Tskhinvali ”, 50x70 cm. oil on canvas, 2021