Junona Goshadze


“Painting is important to me because it is the best way of self-expression. I attach great importance to color and lighting in my art. I believe that color has the strongest influence on the human soul and mind, just like music. That’s why I like Impressionism, though I couldn’t call my art pure Impressionist. For me, form and content are also valuable. I work in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel. I travel a lot, I love photography. I believe that beauty and art will indeed save humanity.”


"Istanbul", 74x74 cm, Acrylic on canvas., 2020

"Florence", 40x56 cm, oil on canvas., 2015

"Flowers", 40x30 cm, acrylic on canvas., 2016

"August", 49x59 cm, oil on canvas., 2016

Professional education / experience

Mose Toidze Art School, Art Academy