Karen Musgrave


“I am an artist, teacher, lecturer, writer, and curator. I am passionate about elevating quiltmaking and empowering women to express themselves. I have written a number of articles, contributed to many books and wrote one, Quilts in the Attic: Uncovering the Hidden Stories of the Quilts We Love, I curated the first exhibit of Gee’s Bend quilts to travel outside the U.S. (Georgia, Armenia and Kazakhstan). I curated an exhibition of art quilts in Kyrgyzstan. I was the chair and conducted nearly 200 interviews with quiltmakers for an oral history project including Georgian quilters.”


Memories, 99x94 cm, quilt, machine pieced and quilted, felt, hand dyed fabric, 2022

There is a Crack in Everything, 69x60 cm, quilt, machine pieced and quilted, hand dyed fabrics, 2022

Professional education / experience

Teaching, lecturing, writing, documenting and curating quilts and art for over 30 years.