Kato Yufar


“In each human body there is a soul, mind or an essence with any other name. I would not be any different…


I think this ‘soul’ can look like a net woven with countless tiny threads. That’s how I imagine.


One thread is one memory, one feature, one emotion and that is how a person is woven. In my net, for the most part, there are threads containing calmness, and if you do not go through the whirlpool of anxiety, you will not be able to feel calmness and appreciate it. There are many strands of light too and they usually appear after you have gone through many dark nights. Emotions of happiness often replace great sorrows…


All the threads are intertwined with dualism and you are created. An all-feeling person. Feelings strive to be expressed and art is the perfect method for that, and what I have left to do is to find a way to calm and stabilize the web of trembling threads. Such a way for me is painting and most of my paintings are just such fine lines – similar to the ones inside.”




“Whirlpool”, 50x40 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2021