Ketevan Filipova-Kvachadze


“I could never have imagined that as a child, my interest in fabric, woven with foreign and strange weaves, as seen in my theater workshop, would become a part of my life and that I would decide to become a fabric artist-technologist. The relationship with the outstanding professors at the academy gave me the stimulus and opportunity to study the artistic design of the fabric, to master the intricate technologies of fabric creation, to connect the achievements of art and science.
Basically, I work on tapestry and applique, giving new life to old fabrics forgotten by everyone. When working on tapestry, I use the natural color of the material or paint it with natural dyes and use different tangles to get the effect. After finishing my studies, I shared my experience with the students of N. Kandelaki Art School and Batumi University of Arts. I regularly participate in republican and local exhibitions and symposiums.”


"Stilllife", 50x60 cm, applique, fabric, lace, canvas, 2015

"Stilllife", 60x40 cm, applique, fabric, lace, canvas, 2020

"Stilllife", 50x60 cm, applique, fabric, lace, canvas, 2018

Professional education / experience

Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of Decorative and Applied Arts, Textile Design