Ketevan Nikoladze


“I am a film and theater artist and it is very important for me to work with all kinds of mediums. It is also very important that I draw in each project. Painting is not a hobby for me – it is my profession.”


,,Street'' , 40x50სმ, ტ. ზ. 2020

“Nature”, 45x20 cm, oil on cardboard, 2018

"Red shoes", 54x78 cm, oil on cardboard., 2018

"Untitled", 10x20 cm, paper, gouache, chalk. 2020

,,Bird'' , 30x16cm, oil on cardboard, 2020

Professional education / experience

Art Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting, Film and TV Set Design Studio; G. Aleksi-Meskhishvili Design School