Keti Iashvili


“I have known that my vocation was painting since I was a pupil and that I had to follow it. I was able to weave, make tapestries, work on batik and felt; I continued my studies at the Academy of Arts in this direction. Later, I was captivated by watercolor. I think watercolor is capable of creating the mood and conveying emotions. Since then, I have been working in this direction and using various watercolor techniques. My work constantly gives me joy. I am also a teacher at the Center for Socially Vulnerable and Disabled Children. It allows me to witness firsthand the true positive effect of art on children’s psyche.”


"Still life", 50x79 cm, paper, mixed media., 2018

"Oriental still life", 88x70 cm, paper, mixed media, 2015

"Black flowers ", 50x67 cm, paper, mixed media, 2018

Professional education / experience

Arts Academy, Faculty of Design, Textile Design