Khatuna Gabrichidze


“I have been attracted to culture and art since childhood. Nevertheless, I thought that I would never be an artist and that I would only satisfy my love and interest with reading and gathering information… I took art classes, I studied felt, tapestry, Georgian and oriental ornaments. However, my love remained in my childhood… After starting a family, I said goodbye to everything related to art for a long time and was swallowed up by my daily routine.

And as always, there is hope even in the most horrible of situations! For me, during this pandemic isolation and staying at home, this very hope turned out to be my “first love” from childhood – ​​I picked up a brush and started painting again. I draw as much as I can and I try to become better…

Recently, several doors in old Tbilisi caught my attention and I revived my childhood mysticism with my childhood hobby…

I hope I will gradually improve, I will remember what I have forgotten; I will learn what I do not know and move all my “mysterious doors” to a larger scale format…


Probably, we all have our “mysterious door”, which, like Alice, will take me to the world of wonders and… It is probably banal but I think it is never too late to make dreams come true and I, despite my age, stubbornly try to open my door into the world, the door which is still closed.”




From the series “Mysterious Door”, 20x15 cm, paper, mixed media, 2020