Lali Simonishvili


“I organized my first solo exhibition when I was still a student. Then I became interested in art history and world religions, got acquainted with some philosophical teachings and trends, and read contemporary foreign authors. At the same time, I was working on my dissertation in the field of medicine. These years were an important period for my growth in creative thinking for me. As a result, I had two solo and several group exhibitions. Later I continued to work in the field of arts and crafts. The impetus for this was given to me by the introduction of new and varied artistic material. I created about 20 dolls and participated in three specialized exhibitions. Currently, I mainly work in painting. I am a member of the Union of Artists.”


"Ghosts of my ancestors", 42x31x25 cm, mixed media, 2019

"Fighters of Legends", 48x22x25 cm, mixed media, 2019

"Peasant girl on a grain of wheat", 30x25x15 cm, mixed media, 2019