Lela Chincharauli


“One day, you find out that you have run out of paint, however, there is one new canvas left… you also have some oil (with which you can fry potatoes because you no longer have any paints) and if you are very hungry, you can go to the supermarket and buy potatoes (because you can’t get paints at night). However, you are exactly as hungry as you want to paint… Suddenly, on the counter of the market, you notice a pink-purplish color – Tibetan salt. You immediately remember that you have an emulsion at home… You forget about potatoes, you leave the store with salt in your hand, you run home, you paint what you feel and as if you are satiated forever…”


"Abandoned", 80x60 cm, oil on canvas. 2018

"Blue Khatuni", 80x30 cm, canvas, mixed media, 2019

"Himalayas", 80x100 cm, canvas, mixed media, 2018

"Sunset", 80x100 cm, canvas, mixed media, 2020

Professional education / experience

Art Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting, incomplete course; Sh.Rustaveli University of Theater and Film, Theater Set Design, incomplete course