Lela Kometiani


“The inspiration for my work comes from my interest in revealing the complex layers of our subconscious and inner nature, and how these layers interweave with elements of the external world. The metaphorical representation reflects terrains of emotional experience. Using mixed media and three-dimensional textures, I manipulate the surface of the canvas until it comes to life, assuming organic forms such as twigs and branches. The visual tension and dynamic interplay between color, texture and light allows me to emphasize the emotional aspects of my work.

Through my art, I strive to celebrate the hidden beauty within and around us, as well as the fragility and sensitivity of each little stem that is part of the branch we extend into this world.”


"Harmony For Two", 40x50cm, Mixed media. 2019

Professional education / experience

I. Nikoladze College of Arts in Graphic Design; Art Academy, Georgia; Pennsylvania State University courses in Graphic Design.