Liza Lazarashvili


“I am in love with all kinds of art – music, painting, cinema, theater, prose, poetry… Alos, I love thinking. I try to think about all the topics,to contemplate and I think that thinking is also a kind of art. If it were not for that, perhaps art would not exist. I try to devote as much time as possible to reading, drawing, writing and everything that will help me develop and find myself. I am not perfect, nor do I want to be perfect, because perfection is unattainable. I think it is enough for a person to have the desire to develop, because without it we would be frozen in one place, and there is probably nothing worse than that…”


"In honor of sleepless nights", 55x45 cm, paper, mixed., 2020

"Loneliness", 50x35 cm, cardboard, mixed media., 2020

Professional education / experience

Student, Art Academy, Faculty of Design, Art Glass, Graphic Design