Magda Kviatkovskaya


“Painting is a storytelling for me, about the mysterious and mystical that accompanies our daily life, but being busy we do not pay attention, do not spend time on it… often, we do not even care (as our own unknown sides)… Landscape and urban scenery occupy a big part in my work. I try to convey the place as is. I wonder about its character and history. You do not see people in these pictures as, first of all, I try to express the energy and metaphysics of the space/object along with my impression and emotion. When I draw any space, it always represents a dimension, where there is only one.”


"Untitled", 104.5x80 cm, oil on cardboard., 2018

"Untitled", 104.5x80 cm, oil on cardboard., 2018

"Untitled", 80x88.5 cm, oil on canvas., 2018

"Untitled", 37x27 cm, oil on cardboard., 2021

Professional education / experience

Art Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting