Maia Kajaia


“I think there are more than enough problems and troubles in life. Therefore, it would be great if art becomes an oasis where a person can take refuge, relieve stress and tension, get positively charged and become stronger to continue
living… However, each person is unique… Some are attracted with peace and
idyll, some with sharp emotions; some seek a lost paradise, while the others
are completely immersed in the humdrum of this life…
And what a good thing that: “to us men He has given the world, infinite in
variety we possess it”[The Knight in the Panther’s Skin]! Maybe, the idea of art
is in fixating at least one grain of what you love and cherish in the world… even
if temporarily.


"Interior", 60x40 cm, oil on canvas., 2021

"Plant in the aquarium", 80x80 cm, cardboard. ზ., 2010

"Spatifilium", 25x35 cm, cardboard, oil., 2020

"Ivy" from the series "My childhood yard", 35x50 cm, paper. mixed media, 2017

“Cherries in Spring” from the series “My Childhood Yard”, 35x50 cm. paper, mixed media, 2017

Professional education / experience

I. Nikoladze Art School, Faculty of Painting