Maka Maziashvili


“For me, life and painting are inseparable, this is my inner need, a means of self-expression and a process of constant creative search, work. Everything that surrounds me can be a source of inspiration. “My works differ in subject matter, technique, and material.” I work in both fine and textile arts in a variety of mediums.”


"Behind the Scenes", 100x125 cm, tapestry, shawl, 2007

"Baies", 107x72 cm, tapestry, shawl, 2005

"Abstraction", 70x50 cm, hot Batik, 2005

"Flowers", 50x50 cm, felt, 2016

"Red Window", 57x55 cm, tapestry, 2007

Professional education / experience

Iakob Nikoladze Art School, Art Academy