Maka Zedelashvili


“When I was little I often asked my mother where I was going to study because I knew for sure that I had to become an artist but I used to forget the name “Art Academy”, which my mother reminded me of with a smile every time I would ask. I was born into a family where no one painted and my grandmother always used to complain about me spotting the walls with paints. Only my mother supported me and supplied me with drawing materials. I did graduate from the Art Academy, it has been many years… I actively participate in various events, exhibitions, international projects, I organize solo exhibitions…”


"Tree of Life", 120x250cm, Acrylic on canvas., 2021

""The Center of the Universe", 100x100cm, Acrylic on canvas., 2020

"Connecting Artificial with Human Brain", 74x112cm, Acrylic on canvas., 2017

Professional education / experience

Art Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting