Maka Zurabashvili


“Painting was replaced by family for a while – I could not find the time and desire for art. Years later, due to stress and a troubled relationship, a turning point came – I found a way to paint and I completely surrendered to it. And it has been a year since I started to materialize the pain, emotions and feelings I had accumulated.”


“Still Life”, 54x59 cm, collage, 2021

"Memory", 80x60 cm, paper, mixed media, 2021

"Before the rain", 80x60 cm, paper, Acrylic, 2020

"Morning", 60x80 cm, paper, mixed media, 2020

"Anatomy of pain", 80x60 cm, paper. Acrylic, 2021

Professional education / experience

Academy of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphics, Easel Graphics