Mariam Davituri


“Creativity is one of the most important parts of my life. My strongest desire is to turn dreams into goals and to achieve them, to be in the process of constant development and transformation, to create something original and new. I am a student, I have a happy family, I am interested in quantum physics and in the future I am going to reflect this theme in my work. I am attracted to the art of sculpture, as well as esoterism. In particular, bioenergy and human psychology. I am very interested in psychosomatics and the phenomenon of hypnosis. I love sports, in particular – yoga and rock climbing. I support the idea of art psychology that a creative work has the potential to extract “buried” complexes from the human psyche and at least make the need for their processing relevant for a person. Color, shape, line, etc. can be used as a catalyst. After all, the creative process itself is therapy…”



“Genome”, 61x43 cm, mixed media on paper, 2019