Mariam Giorgobiani


“After the 9th grade, I entered” Nikoladze “and my most precious period began … While being in the third year of studying, during the drawing process at art school, I felt that it is what my heart wants.
I remember the number, the month, and even the pump I was sitting on … Then it was a state university. My heart was pounding for the first time when I entered the building. I did not even know that painting and graphics were taught in the attic … Know I am getting ready for an exhibition that I will organize with my friends on May 22 at a silk factory, and we will be very happy. if you visit us “.


"Frankfurt 1835", 42x29.7 cm, paper, ink, 2021

"In the yard", 29.7x21 cm,paper. Sangina, 2021

"Dream", 29.7x42 cm, paper. Sangina, 2019

"Gavroshebi", 59.4x84.1 cm, oil on canvas., 2008

"Kiss", 29.7x21 cm, paper, ink 2017

Professional education / experience

TSU, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of Painting