Mariam Izoria


“For me, clay is a living substance, a combination of four elements – air, water, earth and fire, connected with the world beyond and the creation of man by God. That is why I use clay – the mystical, exalted, divine material – to embody ideas, thoughts, concepts. The works created from it are the firstborn of three fields of art – sculpture, painting and graphics, the collaboration, the union of three, the magic triangle tempered in fire.
The very first steps in my work are inspired by the sources of ancient Georgian art. This is what helps me to conceptualize the idea and the message. The decor on the works is not just adornment, it is a necessary detail that serves to reveal the form, accentuate the movement, tell the story and complete the idea.”


"Guard", 72x35 cm, chamotte, restorative glaze, smoke, 2003

"Guard", chamotte, restorative glaze, smoke, 68x34 cm, 2003

"Goddess", 110x42 cm, chamotte, colored restorative glaze, smoke, 2003

"Ritual", 68x24 cm, red clay, colored restoration glaze, 2007

"Symbol of Consciousness", 57x28 cm, red clay, colored, restorative glaze

"Tree of Life", 50X60 cm, civil. print, 2018

Professional education / experience

Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of Decorative and Applied Arts, Direction of Monumental Ceramics of the Department of Glass Ceramics, R. Iashvili Monumental Ceramics Studio