Mariam Koroghlishvili


“Art helps people to see all the best and to notice the world around them. Perceive current processes and describe them from our own point of view. I think that the unity of artistic people represents the greatest strength indeed. That is why it is important to support creative people and have the opportunity to develop.”


"Reflection of blue colors", 50x60 cm, oil on canvas., 2020

"Venice", 40x30 cm, paper, Watercolor, 2020

"Spring Calm", 35x25 cm, paper. Watercolor, 2019

"Peppy long and colorful socks", 20x15 cm, paper, Watercolor, 2020

"In the Workshop", 20x20 cm, oil on canvas., 2018

Professional education / experience

Art Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting