Maya Kashia


“Greetings to you!

I’m Maya – with short hair and slightly long imagination…

If you ask me which one I like more, acrylic or oil, I would not know how to answer – for me both are delicious.

I started painting when I was most busy.

I draw when I do not have time. Because I have to convince myself that I can do nothing better than this (for my perfection).

I never learned how or what to draw. I do not know why this is necessary and I do not learn. I do not like realism, I try to live without it.

I am often told that I paint well, nevertheless I am aware…

You know that we Georgians have such a rich glossary but I could not think of any words that could express the emotions I experience during the drawing process.

I love idolizing people. Then, all of a sudden, they fall from this height straight into the abyss, because in the end there are still people… This was me,

Maya, also a fanatic and with a slightly long imagination.”


„Untitled“, 60x50cm, oil on canvas., 2017