Natali Jamburidze


“Everyone in my family paints. I have been in contact with brushes and paints since childhood but I used to look at them from a distance. My mother used to tell me, – If you can paint, you do not need anyone to teach you, you will lose your style. Therefore, I never took drawing lessons, I was never taught what to do. I used to observe from afar. A few years ago, I too took a brush in my hand and started painting. I think it works… My profession is far from painting, but it is also a part of art. I am a theater expert. I love my profession very much, but sometimes I think I would be a better artist. When I draw I become free, I forget about everything and indulge in pleasure. I was always amazed at how painting could bring a person out of depression, and only now did I realize how much even a single stroke of a brush means! I am an amateur artist from old Tbilisi, 21 years old, and nothing makes me happier than painting.”


“Dead City”, 90x110 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2021