Natia Meparishvili



“With a confused path, aging many times and as if obsessed with the feeling that the time has come to do what my inner self wants the most…

I started painting when I was most in pain, the pain was so immense

that my outcry became apparent to others. And they gave me the right, moreover, they told me that I should continue painting.

14 years have passed, and again – a great pain, a reassessment of the world, the countdown continued. I am most confused when being aske about my vocation…

I live in two worlds, in my dreams, in my fantasies where I am constantly creating and here in my daily life, where I am a mother, doughter, wife, friend, business woman.”


"Sunless day", sketch for the film, 30x21 cm, paper. In Gouache., 2011

"Sunless Day", sketch for the movie, 30x30, paper. In Gouache,. 2011

"Expectations", 30x21 cm, ink on paper., 2019

"Cycle", 90x60 cm, oil on canvas., 2021

"Unfinished story", 90x60 cm, oil on canvas., 2021

Professional education / experience

Art Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting, Film and TV set design; Rustaveli State University of Theater and Film, film-TV directing