Nino Eliashvili


“Since childhood I wanted to be an artist. This is my profession and therapy. For several years, while studying, I worked in the field of graphic design – on different layers, and this method is reflected in my drawings as well. I currently have my own studio where I draw and teach entrants and amateurs. I mainly paint in oil, acrylic and watercolor. I try to constantly experiment with other materials as well. Currently, I am working on a watercolor series, trying to make the intimate and feminine aesthetics even more transparent with the airiness and lightness of the watercolor.”


"Pink glove", 42x29 cm, paper. Watercolor, 2020

"Transparent feelings", 70x40 cm. paper. Watercolor, 2021

"Shelter", 62x47 cm, paper. Watercolor, 2021

Professional education / experience

Art Academy, Faculty of Design, Department of Clothing Design; Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting