Nino Jishkariani


“I love nature and dogs… I mainly work on paintings and easel graphics. Most of all I love working with the material at an easel (monotype, etching). Although painting is my direct profession, accordingly it seems like a duty, I love my job and it provides me with a lot of pleasure and spiritual nourishment. At the same time, I am interested in Georgian alphabet and font, promoting it in Georgia and abroad.”


“Self-portrait”, 90x60 cm, vol. Z., 1992

“Autumn”, 62x82 cm, vol. Acrylic, 2012

“Late Autumn”, 43x37 cm, civil. Sher. Technology, 2013

“Sunset”, 62x82 cm, vol. Acrylic, 2018

Professional education / experience

I. Nikoladze Art school; Art Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics, Easel Graphics; One of the founders and president of the “Georgian Font” Association