Nino Lomsadze


“I have loved painting since childhood.  I was attracted to abstraction and surrealism from the very beginning. Despite graduating from fashion design at the Academy of Arts, I chose painting instead of being a designer… I could not draw for years… I was not confident about myself. I was only looking at pictures from my teen years… I started painting again a few years ago. I have a changeable personality and drawing helps me sort out my thoughts. I love mixed media. I look for inspiration everywhere and in everything… I love observing details. I love museums and visiting new places.”


“Galaxy”, 28x20 cm, paper, mixed media, 2003

Professional education / experience

I studied at Iakob Nikoladze Art School for two years. Then I continued my studies at the Academy of Arts. The acquired profession did not turn out to be mine. I currently have small students … I have not participated in artist exhibitions before… I am participating in handicrafts exhibitions at least once a year. I draw small wall illustrations and make small decorations.