Nino Okroshidze


“After graduating from the academy, I am actively involved in my field. For the last two years, I have been particularly fascinated by graphics and I often draw in pencil. I put all my emotion and mood into each work. I try to constantly develop and learn more.


"The first hour of the night", 38x35 cm, paper. Pencil, 2020

"Calmness", 40x42 cm, paper. Pencil, 2020

"The end of a cold and snowy, but hopeful day", 30x42 cm, paper. Pencil, 2021

"Confused", 100x130 cm, canvas, mixed media., 2019

"Abandoned house", 30x40 cm, paper. Pencil, 2020

Professional education / experience

TSS Academy, Faculty of Design, Textile Design