Nino Tsitsishvili



"In the wind", composition, 73x24 cm, 68x22 cm, 70x21 cm, high-temperature chamotte, porcelain 1988

"Four natural disasters", composition, water 45x65 cm, fire 62x32 cm, sky 48x54 cm, black earth, 37x73 cm, cracked clay, glazes, heat, 1987

"Four Disasters", composition, black earth, 37x73 cm, extruded clay, glazes, thickening, 1987

"Autumn", composition, 34x37 cm, 34x38 cm, 35x4 cm, restoration, glazes, 1989

"Space", composition, galaxy 31x40 cm, moon 31x40 cm, 29x49 cm, obesity, glazes, 1990

Professional education / experience

TSS Academy, Faculty of Decorative and Applied Arts