Nona Kokaia


“I am an artist by profession. Over the years, I have worked for tourists to support my family, and I have not been able to have time for my art. The dream of ever being able to participate in exhibitions remained a dream… When a pandemic stopped tourists from entering, I was left without income and hopeless. With the help of my children I was able to get back to the job I loved so much! If for years I was a wife, mother, grandmother and breadwinner, now, along with all this, I am an artist doing my favorite job.”


"Autumn", 120x80 cm, tapestry, woolen thread, 2002

"Stilllife", 80x60 cm, felt, merino, 2017

"Alley", 40x30 cm, collage, batik, fur, leather, 2015

Professional education / experience

Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of Design, Department of Artistic Fabric