Nutsa Mikaberidze



“The four years I have spent at the VAADS is a very important period in my life. Exchanging information with people with similar interests, observing each other’s work and work process still serves as a great inspiration. After becoming interested in photography and video, I realized how important colors and textures were to me so I shifted to painting on canvases.  Later, I also tried myself in making installations. I am still interested in discovering new materials. I think the process of searching is the most important for an artist. I am mostly inspired by the environment, sometimes dreams and even phobias.”


“Liani”, triptych, 30x90 cm, mixed media pon cardboard, 2020

“ABC”, 29x30 cm, acrylic on transparent paper, 2020

Professional education / experience

Free University (VAADS), Faculty of Visual Arts, Architecture and Design