Piso Pirtskhalava


“English language and literature specialist, lecturer, I have been painting for 11 years.”

Although I always had a lot of hobbies, I was always striving to do something different. Quite by accident, at the age of 54, I painted a fairy tale story with my child’s gouache paints. I had never painted before and completely intuitively, I started to paint nature with my own imagination, which gave me great pleasure. Years ago, I traveled a lot and maybe, painting has become a way of conveying the impressions I have accumulated over many years, assuming I have never been out in nature to paint and I paint my landscapes at home. I use acrylic with gouache, I also tried oil paints, but it gives me a headache… I paint on canvas, cardboard, paper and plates. I rarely paint with watercolors.


“Morning snow. Silence in Mestia“, 13.5x20cm, acrylic on cardboard, 2021