Tamar Basilia


“First of all, I am a mother of three and then an artist. I really love photography and I am especially interested in capturing small objects in nature – insects, worms, plants. Sometimes I write poems and stories. My kids are the first appraisers and fans of my works. It is their sincere emotions that create the foundation of my creativity.”


"Night Angel", 30x40 cm, canvas on cardboard, mixed media., 2021

"Laurel flower", 50x40 cm, canvas on cardboard, mixed media., 2021

"Unusual Spring", 40x50 cm, Acrylic on canvas., 2021

"Poppy", 50x40 cm, canvas mixed media., 2021

"Chiora", 50x40 cm,canvas, mixed media., 2020

Professional education / experience

Arts Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics, Easel Graphics Workshop.