Tamar Kuprashvili


“Over time, I understand more and more what good parents I had: modest, graceful, noble, knowledgeable, and devoted. I will always be grateful to them.”


"Rug", 22x30 cm, clay, restorative glazes, smoked, 1998

"Decorative vase", 37x29 cm, clay, restorative glazes, 1998

"Deer Leap", 45 cm, clay, carved, smoked, 1998

"Pomegranates - The Way of Life", 25x28 cm, 27x29 cm, 26x28 cm, shamot, salts, 1987

"Decorative vase", 28x27,5 cm, clay, sculpture, restorative glaze, smoky, 1992

Professional education / experience

TSS Academy, Faculty of Decorative and Applied Arts, Fine Art Ceramics