Tamta Soselia


“My work is an attempt not to sacrifice emotional impressions for oblivion and to convey them through lines. You will easily notice continuous lines, knots.


I try to immortalize my impressions with continuous lines, which are peculiar connections between chaotically happening events; they help me to imagine order. Through them it becomes possible to reach a specific subject or event that made this impression so important to me. Graphic lines are sometimes just as exaggerated and twigged as our subconscious, in the process of perceiving events.


My goal is to convey the mood of the impressions with the exact precision and clarity that I felt at that moment. I try to make them as exciting for people as it was for me. My graphics are my diaries.”


"Untitled", 30x38 cm, ink pen on paper, 2018

"Untitled", 38x30.5 cm, ink pen on paper, 2019

"Refugee", 20x27 cm, ink pen on paper, 2017

"Dea, me", 50x40 cm, ink on paper, 2020

“Untitled”, 27x20 cm, paper, mixed media, 2017

Professional education / experience

Art Academy