Tea Okropiridze

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“I was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. I currently live and work in the US.
I have been running the Virginia Art Studio since 2004; I teach tapestry at the Smithsonian Institution School of Art (Washington, DC), at the Art League School (Alexandria, USA) at the U.S. Center for the Arts (Chantil, USA). Since 2000, my works have been exhibited in many prestigious galleries, museums and biennials – USA, Great Britain, Taiwan, China, Ukraine, Romania, Australia, Serbia, Belgium and others…


"Blue Sky", 39x31 cm, silk paper, silk fiber, fabric and burlap application, 2020

"House", 30x41 cm, silk paper, silk fiber, fabric application, 2020

"Argo", 46x43 cm, silk paper, silk fiber, fabric application, 2021

"Expectation", 64x92 cm, tapestry, woolen thread, 2015

"Monochrome", 54x43 cm, tapestry, woolen thread, 2022

Professional education / experience

I. Nikoladze Art School, Faculty of Sculpture, State Institute of Culture, Faculty of Artistic Knitting / Tapestry
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